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您好,我推荐的是《2016年考试说明全解 英语》,总主编薛金星,金星国际教育集团高考研究所编写,现代教育出版社,这本书籍非常棒,于2016年1月份出版,我们现在也在使用这本书籍,如果你有需要,也可以交流,

??什么意思 I LOVE YOU 望采纳

I can't give what you want, you also can't give what I want, so we had to far away.


我想要个MP3格式的,有拼读的,有中文的~总之我就是很懒啦~就想听着背给你了 ,在邮箱里 本人也急需要用,能否发到我的邮箱啊,我的邮箱 可以

Trouble is a friend 歌手:Lenka 专辑:Lenka trouble will find you no matter where you go oh oh 麻烦会找到你 不管你往哪里走 哦哦…… no matter if you're fast no matter if you're slow oh oh 不管你是赶路 不管你想停留 哦哦…… The eye 。

如果你不改变自己,那我也没什么好说的,我们还是算了吧!我们不合适,你不是我想要的那个她! If you don't change yourself, then I also have no what to say, we forget it! We are not appropriate, you are not the girl who I want!

Missing is the pain that can breathe Love you waiting for your love is the only one I want Crying over the thought And I'm waiting for you

See other people get married, I want to get married. 楼主选我吧!

我也想要一个浪漫的惊喜 I also want to have a romantic surprise

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